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The Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal 2012 at Channai

Rashtriya Swayam Sewaksangh ( RSS)

Resolution No. 1
Violence in Asom and Nationwide Challenge of Bangladeshi Infiltrators
The Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal strongly condemns the July 2012 violence perpetrated by the
Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators in the Kokrajhar, Chirang and Dhubri districts of Asom, the violent
demonstrations organized in various parts of the country and the conspiracy to terrorize the people of
North-East living in different parts of the country to flee from their places and considers all these acts as a
serious challenge to the country. Continuously growing infiltration in the Asom and nearby areas has
created state of a serious crisis.
The infiltrators have settled in large numbers in all the four districts of Bodoland Territorial Area District
(BTAD) which was created as a result of an agreement with the Central and State Govts in 2003. These
infiltrators have vitiated the social, cultural, natural, economic, religious and political environment over
there with far reaching consequences. Muslims had called for a bandh on May 29, 2012 demanding
reservations in the Bodoland Territorial Council (BTC). The unconstitutional assurances of providing
reservations to Muslims, given by some political parties of the country flared up the situation. The
situation went beyond control after the brutal murder of four Bodo youths by the Muslims on July 20,
2012. In the violence that followed, as per Govt records Ninety persons were killed and four lakhs were
displaced into relief camps. Large number of infiltrators are staying in these relief camps, they need to be
identified and deported. From this point of view, the resolve of several organizations of Asom, expressed
from common platform, of not allowing rehabilitation of these infiltrators is praiseworthy.
Indeed, on account of illegal assistance and support being extended by the political parties having vested
interests and the local residents having communal sympathy towards the Muslim infiltrators, these
infiltrators are increasing their clout in local politics besides capturing land, forests, employment
opportunities and other resources. Stern action against such elements extending assistance and support
to these infiltrators is necessary.
The ABKM decries attempts to portray the Asom incidents in particular and Bangladeshi infiltrators’ issue
in general as a Muslim issue. Inflammatory utterances of certain leaders inside and outside the Parliament
about fresh wave of radicalization of Muslims and visit of MP’s belonging to only Muslim community to
some select camps in the violence affected areas should be condemned by all right thinking sections of
the society as efforts to give communal colour to the essentially natives versus foreigners issue.
People in the country are deeply concerned about the preplanned, aggressive and violent demonstrations
organized by the Muslim fundamentalists in Mumbai, Prayag, Lucknow, Kanpur, Bareilly, Ahmedabad,
Jodhpur, etc. in the aftermath of Asom incidents. Violent demonstrators in Mumbai have not only
attacked media persons and citizens, snatched away arms from policemen and dared to derogate and
destroy national monuments but also targetedly humiliated and manhandled women police personnel. It
is even more serious that the Administration could neither anticipate such incidents nor is showing
keenness to identify and punish the culprits. The ABKM strongly condemns all these acts.
At the same time, the anti national elements began issuing, personally and through communication
channels, threats to the people of North East residing in different parts of the country of vengeance after
the Ramzan. This forced people from Bengaluru, Pune, Hyderabad and Chennai to flee in large numbers
to their homes in the North East. In this hour of crisis, thousands of patriotic persons demonstrating
highest sentiments for national integrity and sense of responsibility , stood up to provide security and all
kinds of help to these fear stricken people and persuaded them not to leave their places. That is the
reason why the wave of fear did not spread to other places and the self confidence of the people of North
East was restored. The ABKM expresses hearty appreciation for all those citizens and reassures the
people of North East that the whole country stands by them. The ABKM demands from the Government
to identify and bring to book such anti-national scare mongers for stringent punishment.
Inspite of the Supreme Court striking down the infiltration-friendly Illegal Migrant Determination by
Tribunals Act 1983, orders of Honourable High Courts of Delhi and Guwahati for deportation of the
infiltrators and senior and responsible officials repeatedly drawing the attention towards the gravity of
the issue, both the Central and various State Govts motivated by their vote bank politics are only
encouraging these forces, rather than acting firmly against them. Bangladeshi infiltrators have today
spread in the entire nation. These infiltrators, besides disturbing the demographic balance, are posing
serious threat to the security of the country by indulging in various objectionable and illegal acts. They are
involved in the circulation of fake currency, illegal trade of arms, drugs and cattle smuggling and several
other criminal acts besides becoming a tool in the hands of the ISI.
The ABKM demands that the Central and State Govts, in the light of the Foreigners Act 1946 and the
orders of various Courts, including the Supreme Court, should meticulously detect, deny citizenship
facilities and deport all Bangladeshi infiltrators. Names of those persons who have got enlisted in the
voter lists too need to be deleted immediately. While rehabilitating the persons displaced in Asom
violence, care must be taken that the infiltrators do not get resettled over there and no infiltrator gets the
Adhar card. The ABKM also demands from the Govt that the work of fencing the Bangladesh border be
completed without delay. The National Register of Citizens be completed systematically.
The ABKM calls upon the patriotic citizens to treat this issue as a national problem and play active role in
detecting these infiltrators and deleting their names from the voter lists and also to keep in mind that
engaging the infiltrators in any work assignment is not only illegal but, also a grave danger to the country.

Monday, October 29, 2012

RSS Akhil Bharateeya Karyakari Mandal (ABKM) will be held for the first time in Chennai on Nov.2,3 and 4, 2012 at Sushil Har

Meeting of All India Executive Council of RSS  Akhil Bharateeya Karyakari Mandal (ABKM)  will be held for the first time in Chennai on Nov.2,3 and 4, 2012 at Sushil Hari International Residential School, Kelambakkam. In the esteemed presence of Sarsanghachalak Shri Mohanji Bhagwat, Sarkaryavah (general secretary) of RSS Shri Bhayyaji Joshi will preside over this meeting of ABKM. The Sanghachalak (President), Karyavah (Secretary) and Pracharak (Organizing secretary) heading each Prant (state units) of RSS from all over India will take part in this ABKM that meets twice every year. Other than these state functionaries, the 400 participants will include prominent karyakartas from social organizations working in different walks of life in the society. The meeting will deliberate on reviewing and future planning of organizational matters and activities and some resolutions on key national issues will be passed in the meeting.

RSS Sarkaryavah Bhayya ji Joshi statment on Nitin Gatkari on 26.10.2012

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Common Man has potentiality to bring Social Transformation’: RSS Chief Bhagwat at Alappuzha

September 23rd,
Alappuzha, Kerala September 23: RSS Sarasanghachalak Mohan Bhagwat slammed Central government over poor policies over Bangaldesh Infiltrators in the country, said “People should be united to face challenges before the nation, an integrated effort is needed to resist all anti-national activities. Through self motivation people should come  to accept these social responsibilities and should aware of their duties. Common man has potentiality to bring social changes”
RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat was addressing in a SAANGHIK, a gathering of RSS Swayamsevaks at Alappuzha in Kerala. RSS leaders Gopalakrishnan, and several others were present during the occasion.
Bhagwat further added, “Inspired by life and message of Swami Vivekananda, Dr KB Hedgewar, the founder of RSS realised that If a nation is united by all sectors, it can face all threats and challenges before it. Hence people should be united. RSS still believes that citizens unity itself is Ramabaan (remedy) for social ailments. Hence our focus is to make society of  people, which stands tall by morals, characters and patriotism. RSS indulged in making such man-making  mechanism since its inception.”
He also remembered the role of RSS Swayamsevaks  in maintaining healthy traffic during the valedictory of Samarasata Sangama held at Nagawara, Bangalore. The police were congratulated RSS volunteers for controlling a crowd of  of 40,000 within 45minutes, which caused no disturbance to the public, the roads were cleared soon. “The incident showed the expression of social discipline by swayamsevaks learnt in RSS Shakas. Nation needs such citizens who are strongly patriotic, disciplined and committed to society.” said Bhagwat.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

We are deeply saddened by the news of the demise of Bharat Ratna Dr. Varghese Kurien, well-known world over as the Milk Man and Father of White Revolution. Coming from a humble background in Kerala Dr. Kurien rose to become the leader of the cooperative milk production movement initially in Gujarat but which finally led to the creation of the National Dairy Development Board in the country, an umbrella body of tens of thousands of cooperatives.
Today if millions of farmers dependent on dairy industry are leading successful cooperatives through which millions more are leading happy lives, the credit should go to Dr. Kurien. But for his vision, perseverance and practical business wisdom the milk cooperatives movement started by stalwarts like Morarjibhai Desai and Sardar Patel wouldn't have survived and AMUL wouldn't have become the household "Taste of India" today.
Dr. Kurien was also a thorough patriot firmly rooted in Bharatiya ethos and culture. It was his sincere love for the nation and society that brought him in close contact with the second RSS Chief P.P. Sri Golwalkar (Guruji). Dr. Kurian cherished his friendship with Guruji and fondly and reverentially remembered about it in his autobiography 'I too had a Dream'.
In the demise of Dr. Kurien the country has lost a beloved son and the millions and millions of dairy farmers engaged in over 100,000 cooperatives a father-figure.
On behalf of the Swayamsevaks of the RSS I pay my respectful homage to the departed soul and pray to the Almighty that it may be accorded a befitting place at His altar.
I offer my condolences to all the near and dear of Dr. Kurien

Remove the plan for Aranmula and sabarimala from Emerging kerala masterplan

Remove the plan for Aranmula and sabarimala from Emerging kerala masterplan says Kummanam Rajasekharan-the hindu leader of kerala
Kochi:Hindu Ikya vedi(Hindu Movement of Kerala) made it clear that Government should avoid all the development projects destroying the famous hindu pilgrimage centres.Kerala Governments on going projects-Emerging Kerala is a well planned conspiracy of land and political mafia.
Sri.Kummanam Rajasekharan the state general secretary of Hindu ikya Vedi made a  press statement today(08-09-12) aginst the government plan to destroy hindu historical and renowned pilgrimage centres.The own going plan for Aranmula Air-port and Sabarimal masater plan both are against the concept of hindu religious thoughts and rituals which is so old for centuries.All the investments are going to come from gulf based foreigners and not even from NRi citizenzens of india at all.Here government looks only profit. Both projects will destroy acres of forest and famius Pamba River which is the only resort of drinking water for the Pathanamthitta district.So he stated and urged to State government not include these two projects in EmerginG Kerala Mater Plan.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

  Released by Shri Dattatreya Hosabale, Sahsarkaryavah (Joint Gen. Secretary)
                                                         of Rashtriya  Swayamsevak Sangh (R.S.S.) at a Press Conference at Guwahati
                                                          on 16 August, 2012. 

The tragic circumstance under which Assam is passing through is a matter of grave concern for all countrymen. The RSS expresses its deep anguish over the pain, sufferings and losses faced by the people of Assam in the recent outburst of violence in Bodoland Territorial Area District (BTAD) and Dhubri. The fact that a large number of people have been killed, many are injured and lakhs have been rendered homeless due to loot and arson shows that the situation is alarming. It is an irony that people have to live in refugee camps in their own country because of hostilities from foreigners.

            The RSS also is pained to know that a large number of students and young employees of NE states in several parts of our country are returning to Assam and other North-eastern states in an atmosphere of fear and threat.
The present situation in Assam that erupted on 20 July is not an isolated or sudden one, but it is another episode in the series of such violent incidents took place earlier. There have been skirmishes and conflicts leading to wide spread violence in the past due to a large presence of illegal Bangladeshi infiltrators.

            Tensions between Bangladeshi Muslim and local communities have prevailed in the region for many years now. In this context, we can quote several incidents, the Idgah incident at Fakiragram being the recent one, or the Udalguri violence four years back. The ever increasing number of Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators has not only disturbed peace and amity in the region but created socio-economic and political problems also. The people of Assam and other NE states are well aware of this as they are experiencing it. Time and again, various organisations have raised the issue of Bangladeshi infiltration and demanded from the Govts-both state and union-to put a halt to this vexed problem. At the national level RSS and many others have also been voicing the same opinion for last three decades. But unfortunately, these demands have met with no tangible solution.

            It has been the considered opinion of RSS on the basis of ground realities that the frequent outburst of violence is due to this conflict between the Indian citizens of Assam /NE and the illegal infiltrators.

            The recent violent incidents in Mumbai point to the fact that the situation has taken alarming proportion and different dimension. The Mumbai incident and also the attack on students at Pune deserve to be condemned by all. Such violent eruptions have been witnessed at Ranchi also. Considering these developments, there appears to be a larger conspiracy to create tension and spread violence in other parts of the nation. It is for all to see that the situation is kept under control.
 There is a complaint by visitors that many people in the relief camps where Muslims are taking shelter, are not coming from the villages which have faced violence. I demand the Govt. authorities to enquire into this and take necessary steps as per the situation.

            The swayamsevaks of RSS, and organisations inspired by the Sangh, have rushed to the relief work soon after the violence erupted. Our Swayamsevaks are rendering succor to the affected people in the Bodo areas. They are working in more than 60 camps, providing food provisions, cooked food, medicine, cloths, utensils and other needs.  Teams of Medical Doctors from Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh visited the area for three weeks and rendered medical aid. More works of relief and rehabilitation are being contemplated.

            Workers of RSS have met NE students and others at Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kerala, Hyderabad, Delhi etc. and offered all help for their safety and security. Also, they have announced help line nos. Food and security have been provided enroute by Sangh, ABVP, BJP and others to these youth who are travelling by trains to Assam.

            The current problem is the result of the tension between the local communities who are genuine citizens of the nation and the Bangladeshi Muslims who are illegal migrants. The RSS demands from the Govt to implement all effective steps immediately to curb the infiltration from Bangladesh and to detect them here, delete their names (from electoral lists), and to deport back in order to put a permanent halt to this problem. Also, the National Register of Citizens (NRC) should be prepared without further delay and non-citizens should be treated accordingly.

            The RSS appeals to the general public of NE and also throughout the country to maintain total peace and amity by all efforts. It is extremely necessary to keep vigil that nobody misuses the situation and no tension or provocation is created in any part of the country.

            The RSS also assures all help, safety and security to our brethren of Assam & other NE States living or studying in other parts of the country. We appeal to them not to get panic; however, we appeal to them to contact local RSS or ABVP offices at any place for any help. The people of Assam and NE are not alone but the entire country is with them at this hour of distress.               
Dattatreya Hosabale

Vagish Issar (Ivsk Delhi)   09810068474
 (sarve bhavantu sukhinah, sarve santu niramaya;
sarve bhadrani pashyantu, ma kashchit dukkh bhagbhavet}

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Indian media concerns...a shame - worth reading

 Re: what a shame on indian media post it on all these media houses fb pages and mail it also to them in thousands has the time come to lynch Indian media - the english media.... Indian media concerns...a shame - worth reading

Subject: Indian media concerns...a shame - worth reading

What a shame what a shame what a shame
Never keep your soul hungry!!

Dear Editors of HT, TOI, IndianExpress and TheHindu,NDTV, CNN-IBN, I got the mail below from a friend of mine and following the unwritten code of conduct, I am forwarding it to my friends but all efforts of people who have been forwarding this mail would go waste if this mail doesn't reach YOU.......
Something to think about..!!

Shame on Indian Media??? Really what a shame...

By the time u guys read this news, the body of Major Manish Pitambare,
who was shot dead at Anantnag, would have been cremated with full
military honors.

On Tuesday, this news swept across all the news channels 'Sanjay Dutt
relieved by court'. 'Sirf Munna not a bhai' '13 saal ka vanvaas khatam'
'although found guilty for possession of armory, Sanjay can breath sigh
of relief as all the TADA charges against him are withdrawn' Then many
personalities like Salman Khan said 'He is a good person. We knew he will
come out clean'. Mr Big B said "Dutt's family and our family have
relations for years he's a good kid. He is like elder brother to
Abhishek". His sister Priya Dutt said "we can sleep well
tonight. It's a great relief"

In other news, Parliament was mad at Indian team for performing bad; Greg
Chappell said something; Shah Rukh Khan replaces Amitabh in KBC and other
such stuff. But most of the emphasis was given on Sanjay Dutt's
"phoenix like" comeback from the ashes of terrorist charges.

Surfing through the channels, one news on BBC startled me. It read
"Hisbul Mujahidin's most wanted terrorist 'Sohel Faisal' killed in A
nantnag , India .. Indian Major leading the operation lost his life in
the process. Four others are injured.

It was past midnight , I started visiting the stupid Indian channels, but Sanjay Dutt was still ruling. They were telling how Sanjay pleaded to the court saying 'I'm the sole bread earner for my family', 'I have a daughter who is studying in US' and so on. Then they showed how Sanjay was not wearing his lucky blue shirt while he was hearing the verdict and also how he went to every temple and prayed for the last few months. A suspect in Mumbai bomb blasts, convicted under armory act...was being transformed into a hero.

Sure Sanjay Dutt has a daughter; Sure he did not do any terrorist
activity. Possessing an AK47 is considered too elementary in terrorist
community and also one who possesses an AK47 has a right to possess a
pistol so that again is not such a big crime; Sure Sanjay Dutt went to
all the temples;
Sure he did a lot of Gandhigiri but then.......... ..

Major Manish H Pitambare got the information from his sources about the
terrorists' whereabouts. Wasting no time he attacked the camp, killed
Hisbul Mujahidin's supremo and in the process lost his life to the
bullets fired from an AK47. He is survived by a wife and daughter (just
like Sanjay Dutt) who's only 18 months old.

Major Manish never said 'I have a daughter' before he took the decision
to attack the terrorists in the darkest of nights. He never thought about
having a family and he being the bread earner.

No news channel covered this since they were too busy hyping a former drug addict, a suspect who's linked to bomb blasts which killed hundreds. Their aim was to show how he defied the TADA charges and they were so successful that his conviction in possession of armory had no meaning. They also concluded that his parents in heaven must be happy and proud of him.

Parents of Major Manish are still living and they have to live rest of
their lives without their beloved son. His daughter won't ever see her
daddy again.

So guys, please forward this message around so that the media knows which
news to give importance, as it is a shame for us since this Army Major's
death news was given by a foreign TV channel!!!

If you believe in it, don't feel shy in forwarding it..

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Mohan Bhagwat ji condolences to Shri Balasaheb Apte ji

Mohan Bhagwat (RSS Sarsanghchalak) : The passing away of shri Balasaheb Apte ji, though anticipated due to his seriously endangered health condition during last few days, leaves us with a condition of deep shock and painful deprivation. His life was an example of lifelong dedication to the cause of organisation and upliftment of the Hindu society. He observed and made others observe the discipline so necessary in the work of nation-building. But first and foremost quality that comes to one's mind about him is his candid, at times stern but always friendly advice which had played often a stabilising role in many a minds and matters. We have lost that support forever. The pain of that loss we have to bear along with members of his family.
While offering my condolences and respects in his revered memory, we also pray for the necessary courage to us all and peace and enlightenment on the path of the departed soul.

Vagish Issar (Ivsk Delhi)   09810068474
 (sarve bhavantu sukhinah, sarve santu niramaya;
sarve bhadrani pashyantu, ma kashchit dukkh

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

An interview of Arun ji (RSS Member Akhil bhartiya karyakarini )on Kashmir with

Dismissing the interlocutors report on the state of Jammu and Kashmir and questioning the credentials of the interlocutors, National Convener of Jammu Kashmir Study Center, a Jammu-based research group, Arun Kumar, says that the report only captures the perception of the country.
Arun Kumar asserts that the report dilutes India's stand on J&K. Kumar argues that while the country has always maintained that J&K is an internal matter, the report says, 'J&K should be acting as a bridge between Indian, Pakistan and central Asia', a considerable shift from India's traditional stand on the issue.
Kumar feels that though many of the observations cited in the report might be correct, the conclusions drawn are a complete mismatch, mainly because the recommendations of the report were predecided.
Arun Kumar spoke to's Priyanka.
How do you see the report?
Broadly speaking, we feel that the mandate and mission of the entire exercise is in itself debatable. The interlocutors were appointed by the home ministry. All their programs and meetings there were arranged by the government. And the ministry decides to put up the report online after keeping it with themselves for seven months saying the views expressed are not of the government? What does this mean? Were they (the interlocutors) representatives of the government of India?
So, you think this report has been made by the home ministry?
Of course, the interlocutors had gone to the state of Jammu & Kashmir on behalf of the home ministry. This is a home ministry's report. Whatever recommendations the interlocutors have made are those of the home ministry. Furthermore, we suspect that the recommendations made were scripted well in advance. We knew it would be like this.
Look at how the interlocutors were chosen. The interlocutors are neither residents nor stakeholders of the state of Jammu and Kashmir. MM Ansari (former central information commissioner  and one of the interlocutors) has never even been to J&K before this report. Their credentials are doubtful. There is non-seriousness about the report.
sues in the report that trouble you the most?
There are many. For instance, the report says that the state of J&K should be acting as a bridge between Indian, Pakistan and central Asia. How can J&K being a bridge when it is an integral part of India.
The report uses the term 'Pakistan Administered Kashmir' whereas we say 'Pakistan Occupied Kashmir'. How can they use such a term? This word is used by the separatists. We have been fighting in the United Nations for 64 years that Pakistan is the aggressor and we are the victim. Pakistan has never addressed this region as Pakistan Administered Kashmir; they call it 'Azad Kashmir'.
In a decision taken by the Pakistan supreme court in 2004, the court said that it cannot interfere in matters related to Azad Kashmir. Hence, something that has been established that the region is not a part of Pakistan is being challenged by the report
The interlocutors are speaking the language of the separatist because they are their agents. Look at their credentials. Both Dilip Padgaonkar (eminent journalist) and Radha Kumar (noted academician Radha Kumar) were regulars at Ghulam Nabi Fai's (Kashmiri separatist) conferences.
What do you think the report is trying to build?
In 2006, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and General Musharraf had come together to work on a track to diplomacy and a pact was believed to have been agreed upon. Besides others, the pact, broadly, said that LOC (Line of Control) would be accepted as the international border, and the state of Jammu & Kashmir would be given maximum autonomy on both sides. It thus tried to achieve a win-win situation for both India and Pakistan. 
The purpose of this report is to legitimise the pact between Manmohan Singh and Musharraf.
How is this win situation for India?
The question that comes to everybody's mind is whose report is this?
Is this the government of India's report? The interlocutors appointed by it.
Our stand has always been that Jammu & Kashmir is an internal matter. But soon after the pact, the prime minster says that both Pakistan and India are victims. Later, it is conceded that a dialogue should be started with representatives from PoK and people from Pakistan. You are then accepting it as a dispute.
Gradually, they are shifting from what our policy on J&K has always been.
The report makes some grave observations about conditions in Kashmir?

The report cites that the reasons of victimhood of Kashmir are rigged elections, arrest of popular leaders and human right abuses and violence perpetrated by militants, and security forces. How can you equate the two?
Look carefully at the use of words; you can't say the security forces perpetuated violence.
The report later concludes that all these factors collectively resulted in a start point for religious extremism. Hence there are demands in the state ranging from 'azadi', 'establishment of Islamic state', 'autonomy self rule' and 'an achievable nationhood'.
And all this happened because 'Special Provisions' under article 370 was taken back? I can assure you that nobody in Jammu & Kashmir can tell you that. Don't you see any international party or Pakistan's role here?
Doesn't the report capture the popular or majority sentiment of what the people of the state feel?
All the major political leaders who claim to represent the entire state -- Omar Abdullah, Mehbooba Mufti, Mirwaiz, Yasin Malik, Sajjad Lone, all of them represent only two districts out of the 22 districts in the state. And all of them represent only one section, namely the Kashmiri speaking Sunni Muslim. Don't the remaining 20 districts have any leader or representation?
18 percent of the state population is Gujjar Muslim. Where is their leader?
90 percent of the population in Kargil is Muslim. Where is their leader?
Basically, they have captured the perception of the country. These people are not the real voice of the state.
What are the other problem areas in the report?
The report has not addressed the real issues of Jammu & Kashmir. There is a chapter on economics that says that there is heavy corruption in the 16 flagship schemes started by center, and no infrastructure development can happen without assistance from the central government. After making all these observations, they say employment can't be generated because there is no investment, and hence the special status of the state should remain.
There is a total mismatch between the observations made and the conclusions drawn.
Furthermore, there is nothing about the settlements of over 10 lakh PoK refugees. Where is the roadmap on how to bring Kashmiri pundits back?
There are about four lakh refugees on the west part of the state. They have been living without citizenship for the past 64 years. Why doesn't the report address their problems?
There is a false concept of Kashmir alone being the victim. Isn't Jammu a victim; isn't Laddak region a victim?
There is no 73rd and 74th amendment in the state and panchayati raj has not been implemented. After making all these observations, the report recommends that Parliament should not extend any new law.
All this is politics of appeasement. As long as you see problems in Jammu & Kashmir from a Hindu-Muslim angle, as long as vote bank politics rules, there will be no solution. You will have to see it as a national security issue.

Vagish Issar (Ivsk Delhi)   09810068474
 (sarve bhavantu sukhinah, sarve santu niramaya;
sarve bhadrani pashyantu, ma kashchit dukkh bhagbhavet}