Sunday, June 21, 2015

Indian culture is priceless heritage "yoga" schools Dattatreya Hosbale Varanasi 21 June Nivedita "Iacsha House Girls Inter College, Tulsipur, Mahmurganj Antrra'tryy yoga in the yoga program on Day Mohan Madhukar Bhagwat 0 Ra'tryy RSS chief Ma Ji popularly attended mass in the presence of volunteers. Speaking on the occasion, the association's co-general secretary Dattatreya Yoga program Hosbale G said that the sum of the precious heritage of Indian culture. Yoga means to add, the sum of asana, pranayama, and is not limited to therapy. Yoga Mind perceived "by the body, Mnu'y from nature, the idea of karma and that means the union of the soul with God the Father. He nailed the whole sum V "and is prevalent. Yoga meditation as India, China and Japan in the original "Jane", is known. Thousands War'a already Hri'ia-sages throughout the sum V "and attempted to disperse. Yoga V "and known by many names in-the Patanjali Yoga, Hatha Yoga, yoga rhythm, Jain yoga, Buddhist yoga. V "and also celebrates Indian culture and its significance is understood. That is why the United Ra'tr Union some War'a the first Veda V "and acknowledged as heritage. Ma Ji 0 Dattatreya God "because God told Iav the Adiyog Guru" Iav only seven Hri'iayon A'tang sum rate of the first "made science. The importance of yoga in our ma PM 0 V during his US trip "and put to their attention and made Akar'iat. Later in December the United Ra'tr association meeting to give yoga 177 "bags, send Priest.If got recognition of V on June 21," and it was decided to celebrate Yoga Day. Ralswksng Nagpur in March 2015 in the House of Representatives held its All-India meeting in commemoration of a proposal by the United Ra'tr Union decision to give all "Awasion was urged to participate in the Yoga Day. Hundreds day they "are celebrating the Day Yoga test of pride for all of us Indians have Vi'ay. The Association of Central Officer major cum general secretary Dattatreya Hosbale G 0 ma, ma Madhubhai Kulkarni 0 G, ma 0 Indrae "test Kumar, Anil Oak Ma 0 g and regional, provincial and district activists attended.