Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sh. Suresh ji Soni

Sh. Suresh ji Soni and Sh. Milind Oak ji

Sh. Suresh Soni ji

Dr.Shyam Sunder ji,Sh. Suresh Soni ji , and Sh. Vijay ji

Inauguration of the Redesign Websites of Organiser and Panchjanya

Shri Suresh Ji Soni, Sah-Sarkaryavah of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) inaugurated the new and improved versions of the websites of Organiser and Panchjanya. The inauguration ceremony was held at the conference hall of Deen Dayal Research Institute at New Delhi.

Shri Suresh Ji Soni who presided over the function stressed upon the need for dissemination and propagation of the thoughts of Sangh and added that a lot needs to be done on this front. He added that since the time of Sangh's establishment there has been a false propaganda about RSS and its activities. Though Sangh has been progressing continuously, these falsities notwithstanding, yet a section of the society does form several misconceptions about the RSS. These misconceptions are erased only when people come closer to Sangh and know about its ideology and efforts made for betterment of the society. Shri Suresh Ji added that apart from the print and broadcast mediums the third medium (New Media) which has developed over the Internet would in future become more pervasive than both print and broadcast mediums. He said that we should prepare ourselves for this change such that Sangh is in tune and in sync with the changing times.

During the ceremony Shri Milind Oak Ji, who for the last one year has been working on the website modernization project for Organiser and Panchjanya, spelt about the improvements in the websites of these sister publications. Shri Milind said that the earlier issues about search related problems in the website of Panchjanya and trouble with fonts have been successfully sorted out.The previous issues of Panchjanya as well as the forthcoming issues will now be available on United Font. Within two months the e-paper versions of both these publications will be available on their respective websites such that anybody anywhere across the world would be able to know about the thoughts and efforts of Sangh by reading Organiser and Panchjanya. Shri Milind added that print medium with the help of IT has the potential to reach out to a large section of the society.

The event was also attended by Shri Ram Madhav, member Central Working Committee of RSS, Shrikant Joshi ji,Shri Shyam Sunder Agarwal, Sah-Sanghchalak RSS Delhi Prant, Shri R. Bala Shankar, Editor Organiser, Shri Baldev Bhai Sharma, Editor Panchjanya, , and other dignitaries of the RSS.

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