Wednesday, February 8, 2012


The first meeting of Anna Hazare took place at Jantar Mantar in Delhi, which witnessed in back ground on the dais a big picture of Bharat Mata with a lion. The pro RSS masses took for granted that the presence of the picture in the meeting symbolized full support of RSS to Anna Hazare and there was a mammoth gathering not only at Jantar Mantar but at various other places also. The second meeting of the Anna Hazare campaign took place in Lucknow, at three different places. Anna Hazare was not there. Gatherings were poor. The Bharat Mata picture was also not there at any of the daises in Lucknow. That was a clear indication of the point that the Anna team thought it proper to keep away from RSS. Later on Arvind Kejriwal, the key figure of the Anna Hazare campaign was seen on TV screen telling that RSS chief Mohan Bhagawat should not try to take credit for the success of the Anna campaign.He sarcastically said," Mohan Bhagawat should take credit for what happened in Gujarat". Obviously, Anna team did not like to entertain the RSS resolution to fight corruption , which was passed in it's Pratinidhi Sabha in March 2011. Why Anna team was not there in the 4 Feb 2012 Delhi meeting that was sponsored by none other than RSS through Baba Ramdev, Dr Subramanian Swamy and KN Govindacharya, and various other anti-corruption activists and outfits ? Arvind Kejriwal once said , We are not inviting any one to join our campaign, it is not a marriage occasion." The same logic might stand for RSS, which does not seem to have invited Anna team to attend the 4 Feb Delhi meet. All that raises the following questions :
1. Must the appetite for credit overrule and puncture the mission to have a clean system in India?
2. Must the ego of some fine persons overrule their original determination to fight out corruption and black money ?
3. Must the loyalty for India be forced to accept subordination of loyalty of some persons / parties/ ideologies ?
4. Must RSS / Anna team see that the discouraging message of some ego- born wranglings be allowed to thwart the expected joint effort to fight corruption? Who is responsible for the fissure ?
5. How can any body ignore the genuine desire of the poor villager called Anna Hazare to cleanse India?
6. How can one expect RSS / Baba Ramdev/ Dr Subramanian Swamy/ KN Govindacharya to underestimate efforts of Ana Hazare ?
7. Must Anna Hazare's efforts be left to fade away and / or submit to the bucolic recalcitrance of some persons of his team and other campaigners ?
8. Must India witness repetition of its history that witnessed the success of alien invaders due to mutual fissures in Indian society on the lines of caste, creed, domains, kingdoms etc ?
9. Why all those persons/ organizations who do posses necessary resources and potential to bring change in India fail to break the ego-born barriers and come on one platform to accomplish the common mission?
10. Why the overall organizational strength of RSS is not acknowledged by the Anna team, which is short of the zeal, dedication, and sacrifice that have been helping RSS have a guaranteed all India presence in every section of society in various forms and degrees?
11. Why RSS can not tackle amicably the team Anna that may be seen as vulnerable to the forces that may like to disintegrate India?
There may be hundreds of such questions the coming generations will ask, if efforts to have a better India fail.

Balram Misra

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