Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ram Madhav ji Press conference in New Delhi on 18.032011



            A press conference was addressed by Sh. Ram Madhav, at Sangh Office Keshav Kunj Jhandewala at 4 p.m today 18 March 2011.He briefly explained  the two resolutions adopted  at the AKHIL BHARTIYA PRATINIDHI SABHA held at Puttur (Karnataka) on 11-12-13 March 2011. The first resolution is about the need for a decisive blow against corruption. Sh. Ram Madhav stated the AKHIL BHARTIYA VIDYARTHI PARISHAD, BHARTIYA MAZDOOR SANGH  and BHARTIYA KISAN SANGH have planned to launch a nationwide agitation against corruption with the support of general public. RSS Swayamsevak have been advised to take active part in this agitation. This movement is to awaken the public and not to gain political power. RSS actively participated and supported the movement against emergency launched by Jai Parkash Narain ji but after the goal was achieved RSS separated itself from that movement. Apart from the movement going to be launched by ABVP, BMS and BKS, RSS will also support any other such movement launched by Saints and Civil activists as long as it is a non political. The leaks by the Wiki leaks of yesterday have tarnished the image of our nation.
                          The second resolution adopted by ABPS is about the danger posed by Chinese designs against our national interests and security. The ABPS has demanded  that a separate Department or Ministry be established to look after the boarders. There are two major rivers flowing from Mansarovar, Brahmputra, and Sindhu which China is trying to divert towards Chinese region which will create a water crises not only in India but before all have the neighboring countries liked Myanmar, Nepal, and Bangladesh.
            ABPS also look stock of the various allegations made against RSS during the last 6 months which has been diverting our energy towards defending ourselves despite  that we have been able to increase our Shakha tally by 150. During the last  2 months in the door-to-door campaign by RSS, we have been able to reach 2 crore families i.e. 10 crore people and we have received positive response from public that people have full faith in RSS.
            During April, May and June, RSS will be busy organizing training camps at 75 places in the country.
            Replying to the questions of the media, Sh. Ram Madhav said  that RSS in not deterred by politically motivated charges by vested interests against RSS. Let there be proper investigation and not media trial through selected leaks. To a question whether you also raised the issues with Chinese people during your visit to China concerns Sh Ram; Madhav replied that he took all issues of our concerns
            He also clarified that RSS is against all type of corruptions including Karnataka and supports proper investigation.
            He also stated that because of rampant corruption, Indian democracy has become a laughing stock in the eyes of the world and has dented our image.

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