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RSS Resolutions passed in ABPS at Puttur Karnatka on 13.03.2011

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh
Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha, Yugabda 5112
March 11-13, 2011
Puttur (Karnataka)
Resolution 1
The Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha
expresses grave concern over the
endless chain of incidents of widespread
corruption surfacing in the country. It is
all the more shocking that the people
occupying the upper echelons in the
Government, including the Prime
Minister are engaged in protecting their
guilty colleagues till the end by
describing them as innocent in spite of
incontrovertible evidences pouring out
against them.
The ABPS is deeply pained at the way
the cases of corruption coming to light,
day in and day out are tarnishing the
image and reputation of the nation. The
magnitude of corruption is such that not
only the common man, but even the
experts get bewildered. The gross
misdeeds in organizing the
Commonwealth games have gravely
damaged the prestige of the country.
People at the helm of power are either
turning a blind eye or taking steps
against the guilty as an eye wash under
the pressure of the judiciary and media.
The country wants to know as to what
was the compulsion and which invisible
hand was behind the misdemeanor of
the top rung of power in a most
sensitive matter like the appointment of
the Central Vigilance Commissioner.
Unfortunately, the influence of
politics is growing in almost every walk
of life and the instances of corruption
indulged in by the people in seats of
power in the post independence era are
constantly on the rise. After the
Independence, the country has
witnessed public anger against
corruption resulting in powerful mass
movements. The J. P. movement of
1974-75 and imposition of emergency
and the mass movement triggered by
the Bofors scandal in 1987-1989
culminated in the change of power at
the center. But, the change does not
seem to have brought about any decline
in corruption. On the contrary the form
and dimensions of corruption seem to
have become more complex and
extensive in the wake of economic
liberalization. Whether it is the share
scandal of 1992 or the recent 2G
spectrum scandal, mind boggling figures
of money are found to be involved.
What needs special mention is that the
people involved in these ever increasing
acts of corruption are the ones who are
highly educated and belong to the
affluent class of the society. All these
facts clearly indicate that there is need
for further intensification and expansion
of the process of man-making.
In this regard the ABPS believes that
there is a dire need to organise every
rung of social order on the firm
foundation of value-based and morally
strong conduct of life rooted in the
eternal principles of Dharma. This is
possible only by reorienting educationsystem
to reflect the national ethos and
serve as an effective instrument of
character-building and imparting noble
samskars. At the same time it is
imperative for the people in high
positions that they present exemplary
models of conduct in their private and
public life.
Apart from these reforms of farreaching
consequences, reform in the
system of governance & administration
and mobilising effective public opinion in
favour of that, is equally important.
Transparency in governance,
administration through minimum and
simplified regulations, judicial system
based on easy access and timely
dispensation of justice, elimination of
black money, electoral system capable
of effectively curbing the criminalisation
of politics and checking the growing
influence of money power are a few
reforms urgently needed. It is also
imperative to ensure proper security for
the whistle blowers who courageously
expose corruption in the present system
at different levels and to have stringent
penal provisions against the corrupt.
Indeed the poisonous creeper of
corruption is responsible for all the
contemporary social ills like inflation,
unemployment and black money which
has also been affecting the country’s
development and the internal and
external security. In connection with the
problem of black money, the
government should acquire black money
stashed in the country and outside,
declare it as the nation’s asset and
deploy it for developmental purposes.
The ABPS appreciates the efforts of
such courageous individuals,
organizations, constitutional institutions,
alert media and vigilant Judiciary for
their efforts against corruption in the
present challenging scenario and calls
upon the countrymen to extend their
active support for such noble
endeavours with utmost personal
integrity and also nourish our traditional
social institutions actively involved in
character-building of our citizens.
Resolution 2
The Akhil Bharatiya Pratinidhi Sabha
expresses serious concern over the
growing multi-dimensional threat from
China and the lackluster response of the
Government of Bharat to its aggressive
and intimidator tactics. Casual attitude
and perpetual denial of our Government
in describing gross border violations by
the Chinese People's Liberation Army as
a case of 'lack of common perception on
the LAC', attempts to underplay the
severe strategic dissonance between the
two countries and failure to expose the
expansionist and imperialist manouvers
of China can prove fatal to our national
The ABPS cautions that the growing
civilian and defence ties between China
and Pakistan are a matter of grave
concern to our national security.
Presence of the 10,000-strong Chinese
Army in Skardu ( PoK) in the guise of
construction works and repairs to
Karakoram highway is a serious issue as
it allows China to encircle Kashmir .
Other issues of concern that best
exemplify Chinese' assertiveness include
its offer to export one - Gigawatt (GW)
nuclear plant and transfer of ballistic
missile technology to Pakistan thus
precipitating potential nuclear conflict in
the region.
The malafide intentions of China are
conspicuous in a number of recent
developments. It has falsely charged
Bharat of occupying 90,000 sq. km of its
territory (including Arunachal Pradesh
and Sikkim); It is excluding the state of
J&K from Bharat in its maps; It is also
excluding 1600 KM-long border in J&K
from the LAC on the Tibet-Bharat border;
It has initiated issuing paper visas for
Bharatiya citizens from J&K besides
citizens from Arunachal Pradesh. The
Chinese troops entered Gombir area in
Demchok region last year and
threatened the civilian workers to stop
construction work. In November 2009, a
road project under Centrally-sponsored
National Rural Employment Guarantee
Scheme (NREGS) in Ladakh, was stopped
after objections were raised by the
Chinese Army. Infact, it is China which
has encroached upon our territory inside
the LOC in that region and constructed a
54 km long road for military purposes.
The ABPS sees potential danger from
the Chinese machinations in our North
East. Its continued claims over Arunachal
Pradesh shouldn't be taken lightly as it
has set its eyes not only on that state but
on the entire North East. Recent expose'
in a leading Bharatiya weekly about the
extent of the involvement of China in
arming, encouraging and funding
insurgent groups like the NSCN should
awaken us to this danger. Besides NSCN
insurgents other insurgent groups in the
North East like the NDFB, ULFA etc also
get patronage from China. It is also a
matter of serious concern that the ISI too
is operating in cahoots with China in this
region. The A.B.P.S. expresses concern
over the growing number of cases of
Chinese spies being arrested in different
parts of the country.
It is well-known that the weapons
from the Chinese government weapon
manufacturers find their way to the
Maoists and other terrorist groups in
Bharat through illegal weapon ports like
Cox Bazar in Bangladesh. Fake currency
also is being pumped into Bharat from
China. The ABPS wants to draw the
attention of the Government and people
to the occasional publications in the
officially-controlled Chinese media about
dismembering Bharat into 20-30 pieces.
Penetration of Chinese goods into
Bharatiya market is affecting our
manufacturing industry adversely
besides posing a serious challenge to our
security, health, environment and
strategic concerns. The ABPS wants the
Government to tackle this issue of
China's penetration into our system
through trade and commerce with
utmost seriousness. All citizens should
refrain from using Chinese products as
an expression of patriotism.
The ABPS wants to draw the
attention of our government and
countrymen to the threat from China in
the form of diversion of river waters in
the South - Central Tibetan region. In
the process it would be robbing lower
riparian states like Bharat, Nepal,
Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar and
Thailand of their right to the waters from
rivers like Brahmaputra and Sindhu
which originate from Kailash -
Manasarovar in Tibet. Joint mechanism
established in 2007 between Bharat and
China to oversee water related issues
remain dysfunctional mainly due to the
utmost secrecy maintained by China in
its water management plans. Two of our
states i.e. Himachal Pradesh and
Arunachal Pradesh were hit by flash
floods and it was suspected at that time
that these floods were due to some form
of interference in the river flow by the
Chinese. Our engineers were not allowed
to inspect the upper streams of the river
by the Chinese government. The ABPS
warns the government that unless the
issue is addressed immediately the
situation may lead to serious crises
between the two countries.
The ABPS urges our Government to
take note of the expanding military and
diplomatic might of China not only in the
immediate neighbourhood but also in
the strategically important regions like
Africa and the West Asia. China's 3.1
million strong Army is being rapidly
modernized with newer weapons and
technology. It has built all-weather roads
and extended railway network along
Tibet, Nepal and Bharat border. China
today is a formidable player in the Indian
Ocean region. It is establishing contact
with all kinds of renegade dictators in
the world including the North Korean
and Sudanese dictators. Its strategic
experts are propounding such
disdainfully dangerous theories like
Preventive Use of Nuclear Weapons
suggesting that China should reserve the
right of first attack against any nuclear
power with nuclear weapons as a
preventive measure.
In such a challenging scenario the
ABPS calls upon the government to:
1. Reiterate the Parliament’s
unanimous resolution of 1962 to get
back the territory acquired by China
to the last inch.
2. Take effective measures for rapid
modernization and upgradation of
our military infrastructure. Special
focus should be on building
infrastructure in the border areas.
Towards that, constitution of a
Border Region Development Agency
should be considered which would
help prevent the migration of the
people from the border villages.
3. Use aggressive diplomacy to expose
the Chinese' designs globally. Use all
fora including ASEAN, UN etc for
mobilizing global opinion.
4. Disallow Chinese manufacturing
industry free run in our markets.
Prohibit Chinese products like toys,
mobiles, electronic and electrical
goods etc. Illegal trade being carried
out through the border passes must
be curbed with iron hand.
5. Follow strict Visa norms and maintain
strict vigil on the Chinese nationals
working in Bharat.
6. Restrict the entry of Chinese
companies in strategic sectors and
sensitive locations.
7. Mobilize the lower riparian states
like Myanmar, Bangladesh etc to tell
China to stop their illegal diversion of
river waters.

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